What Is A Creative Agency And What Do We Actually Do?.

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Everyone at the Kubix Media office has had a problem in the past when we’ve tried to explain what we do.

“I work at a creative agency,” we say at parties or dinners to our newly introduced conversation partners. Queue blank looks, a slight nod if we’re lucky, or even the occasional “huh?”

Like the infamous Ab Fab sketch where Eddy tries to explain the mystery of PR, nobody is ever quite sure what a creative agency does. What makes one agency creative versus another? And is it mildly pretentious to call yourself creative in the first place when creativity can be found in every type of business? We thought it was time to break it down and shed some light on the industry for anyone thinking of stepping into the creative fold, or just for those of you who still have no idea what your ‘creative’ friends do all day.

A creative agency, in a beautifully-designed nutshell, is a company that spends its days crafting artistic and engaging work for brands and fellow businesses.

Made up of a careful blend of designers, developers, content writers, PR ‘gurus’ and directors, an agency of this kind is a creative powerhouse; never short of an idea or ten. And there are three main ways in which they can produce this kind of work.

The first? Digital.

Remember the guy from school who was super tech-savvy and already had a caffeine addiction at the age of 14? They’re probably working at a digital creative agency now. These digital-focused creatives are experts at designing and developing creative work for the online world. Their work can vary from web design to graphic illustrations and even video production - anything that encourages you as a consumer to fall in love with a brand online. Arguably more ‘trendy’ than their print-based cousins due to the ever-changing online market, digital experts have to work with new platforms and find ways to stay at the forefront of these trends.

The second? Print.

A print-based creative agency is a master of the book cover, the vinyl and the catalogue. Teams of print experts spend their days producing media kits, pop-up banners, packaging and covers. They know and understand the subtle impact of a gold foil print or clever packaging, and their attention to detail is second-to-none. It has to be. After all, a project sent to print with typing errors or blurry images is not a mistake the team can afford to make! Working with print requires more consideration of textures and the physicality of the finished product than digital, and so whilst they’ll use similar design tools, the skillsets and process for print is often very different to online. Usually an agency will specialise in one or the other.

Finally? Advertising.

Advertising, as it says on the tin, is about adverts. Getting a brand out there into the public eye, and doing it well. An advertising agency will have experience in both print and digital, delivering PR campaigns and using marketing techniques to make a brand more recognisable and iconic. In the words of Absolutely Fabulous’ character Eddy: “PR! I PR things! People. Places. Concepts.” Made up of content writers and creative directors, advertising experts have to blend perfect copywriting with perfect visuals. A tricky task and certainly not one you can manage without experience!


The beauty of working in a creative agency is that each one has its own skill-set and can do some or all of the above.

Projects can vary from one-off contracts to long-term campaigns that the agency run for their client over a number of months or years. And since every single brand and business in the world requires a creative identity of some form, agencies are often in high demand.

So what do we fill our days with?

Well, Kubix Media is a little bit more complicated, as we’re a creative marketing agency. As well as finding website design solutions for clients, we also offer marketing services on a more long-term basis.

“But what does that mean?” I hear your despair.

Hold your fire: marketing isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Marketing is simply the broad term for the methods used to help brands to become bigger. From SEO (optimising websites using specific keywords and earning links to help them rank at the top of Google search engines), to social media campaigns (creating content to encourage people to follow clients’ social pages), marketing is something that every business has to do if they ever want to become recognised and beat their competitors. This can take weeks to months before it starts to pay off, but a clever and well-executed marketing campaign can make the difference between a brand that is simply ‘good’ and a brand that can change the world.

And that’s what Kubix do. Whilst our design team crack on with illustrations, graphics and banners for a new website, our marketing team are busy doing everything in their power to bring the recognition to our clients that they deserve. It’s hard work, but the rush that everyone gets when a client is thrilled with what we’ve done certainly makes it worth doing.

So the next time you find your hipster mate Dave struggling to explain that he’s a UX Designer at a party, you’ll be able to sympathise. Being “creative” all day doesn’t mean we sit around drawing and sipping on our flat whites. (Okay, sometimes we get to do that). What we do do is try to make the most epic creative work we can. And that’s pretty damn satisfying.

If you’ve reached 2019 and fancy getting your creative hat on for your business, then get in touch and see what Kubix Media could do for you. We love a good natter!