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Shopify Migration Specialists 

So you’re thinking of making the move to Shopify? If you’re stuck on another platform and you’re seeking to make the leap, we can help. 

If you started small, other platforms may have served you well so far, but with an ever-growing business, your store could begin buckling under the strain. Whether you’re using another e-commerce platform like Magento or WooCommerce, or even a non-e-commerce platform like WordPress or Squarespace, a migration is exactly what you need, and we can make it easy.

Shopify makes e-commerce easier and more productive. While on those other platforms, you may spend your time worrying about hosting, security, or stability, Shopify takes care of all of those so you don’t have to. It also helps your business grow too. Whether you’re a business owner, CEO or e-commerce manager, you can manage your site and make changes with just a few clicks from a user friendly control panel. Adjust your site design to your tastes with Shopify themes, and expand your capabilities with thousands of ready-made apps in the Shopify App Store. Shopify will expand your e-commerce horizons, with endless possibilities. Find out more here.

Stuck On One of These Platforms?

Don’t be. Here are some platforms we love to migrate clients from.

Can’t spot yours? These are just a few examples of platforms we migrate our clients from. No matter your existing platform, contact our team for a free consultation and we’ll advise on how easily you can make the switch.

The Migration Process

Just like moving from an old house, if your store has been online for many years or your brand is home to an enormous product range, you might be quite daunted about the prospect of moving everything across to a new home. Thankfully, we’ll be right by your side throughout.

Working together with you and your team, we’ll put together a migration plan, where we’ll take an audit of your current store, recording all the content currently featured.

During the audit, we’ll work with your team to decide exactly which content should be migrated to Shopify, and the content that shouldn’t. We’ll take a close eye to products, collections and pages, and meticulously plan where data is coming from, and plot where it will be moving to.

Our tech wizards will then get to work on transferring the data, in many cases automatically, with little time or effort needed from yourself.

Design & Development

At this stage, we’ll work on creating your new store, ready for your content to be migrated over. Our expert web developers and designers will craft a bespoke new home created just for your business. We can closely match your old design, or you can use your migration as an opportunity for a refresh, or even an entire redesign if you're rebranding or want to maximise on Shopify's design flexibility. As the migration progresses, we’ll make recommendations for design changes, or new technical integrations that could not only improve your online store, but to help supercharge your operations, such as easier and faster shipping with ShipStation, powerful customer service with Gorgias, or automated inventory management with Linnworks.

Continued Support

Once our metaphorical moving vans are unloaded, and we’ve moved you into your shiny new Shopify home, our support doesn’t stop there. We’re here to help you get used to managing your store with Shopify, and will provide both you and your team with all the necessary training and support needed to make your migration a successful one. Our technical team will be on hand to answer any queries or resolve any issues that arise. No question is too small.

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