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Ready to take your Shopify store into the third dimension? No 3D glasses required - Kubix is one of the only Shopify Plus agencies with POS expertise. To help you realise your bricks-and-mortar retail dreams, we can supply the hardware, get you set up with the software, and provide the training to go with it. An all-new sales channel? We'll have you up and running in no time.

How Does Shopify POS Work?

With a smartphone or tablet and card reader in hand, Shopify POS allows you to take payments anywhere. It also fully integrates with your online store, unifying physical and digital sales data.

Not only can you track your combined sales in one dashboard, you can also track additional data, such as customer information and contact details. This allows you to leverage Shopify features and integrations like email marketing, or shipping integrations enabling services like in-store pick-up.

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Pop-Up Shops & Events 

Heading to a trade show soon? Hosting a glitzy launch event? Don’t miss the perfect opportunity to reach your customers with Shopify POS.

We’ll supply a debit and credit card reader to wirelessly pair with almost any current iPhone, iPad or Android device. Unsure of whether you've got the right hardware? Check out our guide here.

With your devices paired and the Shopify Retail POS app installed, you’ll be ready to start taking payments from debit and credit cards, as well as contactless payments from Apple Pay and Google Pay. Our team will be on hand to give you and your staff full training to help you get up and running.

We can also provide additional hardware such as a cash drawer, barcode scanner and receipt printer, all designed to work with your mobile device of choice.

Available Hardware:

  • Receipt printer (optional): you can send email receipts by default, but if you'd like to print physical receipts for customers, you'll need a compatible receipt printer as well. 
  • Cash drawer (optional): If you accept cash payments, a cash drawer is a necessary addition to your POS setup.
  • Barcode scanner (optional): A barcode scanner can help streamline your checkout process by quickly adding products to the cart, keeping track of sales and inventory in real-time.

POS Migrations

If you’re already using a different POS platform, such as Vend, Square, or an older system, we can help you transition across to Shopify POS. We’ll take an audit of your pre-existing hardware and software, and make changes as necessary. If all you need is new software, we’ll help you get it installed and set up with your hardware, but if you need a completely new system, we’ll swap out everything and replace it with an entirely new set up.

In all cases, we’ll make sure the transition is as smooth as possible, and we’ll provide full training to you and your team, ensuring you’ll be ready to hear that cash drawer go “cha-ching” as new sales roll in.

New POS Installations

If you’re looking to go beyond your online store more permanently by opening a physical retail store, take your Shopify success into the real world with Shopify POS. We’ll provide all the equipment needed to allow you to start processing transactions as soon as you open your doors. We can also set you up with equipment for multiple payment terminals to suit your specific requirements. Wondering how much Shopify POS costs? Check out our handy guide here.

And if you’re opening multiple retail stores, Shopify POS Pro is scalable up to 1,000 physical locations, making it perfect for chain stores and brands with even hundreds of stores.

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