24 Breathtaking Shopify Stores To Discover In 2024

The ultimate list of Shopify stores we’re loving this year - from the UK, US and beyond.

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1. Aura Bora


Olive oil... martinis? It's a whole new way to get your drink shaken, not stirred. If anyone can pull off this more unusual cocktail mix, then quirky sparkling water brand Aura Bora can. If you haven't already spotted this brand tearing up your social media feeds, then give them a glance. Not only is their Instagram dripping with witty sarcasm and fun, their herbal flavours and transparent, ethical values are changing the non-alcoholic game. We like.

2. Lemme


Gummies, but make it Kardashian. This vitamin and botanical supplement brand set up by Kourtney Kardashian takes common health problems and tackles them with nutritional solutions and style. Launched only last year, they’ve since become instantly recognisable with their purple branding and transparent approach to their formulations.

3. Daye


Pain-free periods? Bloody brilliant. Women's health brand Daye sells CBD tampons, balms and vaginal screening kits designed to educate women of all ages on their gynaecology. From alleviating period cramps to getting personalised gynae health recommendations, Daye's motto is "health on your terms", understanding that for women, a one-size-fits-all healthcare model doesn't work. From handy myth-busting blogs, to their seamless subscription service, this site is one to keep your eye on.

4. Flying Papers


Cannabis papers and cartoons? Belgian brand Flying Papers have blended both in their headless Shopify store. What started with Flying Filters Tips back in 1994 became FDA approved in 2019, allowing them to sell to the US and beyond. Whilst it’s worth pointing out that we haven’t tried to shop for any of these papers or cones ourselves, for the cannabis connoisseur (in the countries where the stuff is legal!), this site really does hit the high notes.

5. Surreal


Who knew buying breakfast online could be so fun? Surreal’s high protein cereal boxes are packaged and marketed to perfection in this bold Shopify store. You'll find something unexpected on every scroll down their website, from scrolling titles to animated elephants and seals on a skateboard. Not to mention their social following where they managed to overtake Kelloggs on Instagram before their first birthday. Cereal-lously cool.

6. Cambridge Satchel


Regularly featured across best-in-class Shopify website compilations, Cambridge Satchel have used Shopify as their platform of choice for years now. With crystal clear photography, carefully detailed product pages and a robust rewards programme, they have their e-commerce practices in the bag.

7. Who Gives a Crap


Who gives a crap? These guys do. Launched back in 2012 as a crowdfunding campaign, friends Simon, Jehan and Danny have worked to bring eco-friendly recycled toilet paper to the masses. With 50% of profits donated to help build toilets and improve sanitation around the world, their Shopify site is the perfect blend of colourful storytelling and whimsical e-commerce in the form of subscription plans, promo codes and USPs.

8. Simba Sleep


At the forefront of sleep science lies Simba - the mattress company with more 5-star reviews than any other mattress company in the world. How does their Shopify site work to demonstrate this? A clever mattress comparison chart, super advanced bundle builder and detailed product specifications. One visit to this site and you’ll know more about mattresses than you ever did before. It might even make you sleepy.

9. Rollienation


If the relaxed Aussie lifestyle wasn’t attractive enough - they’ve now launched a shoe brand that puts all other shoe brands to shame. With clean floating product photography, plenty of videos to show off the shoes, engaging copy and subtle ombre colourways, Rollie allows their product and messaging to come first. We’re rollie into it.

10. Vacation


Is it the 1970s? Nostalgia comes in waves with Miami sunscreen brand Vacation, with their old-school filters, whimsical newspaper-style pop-ups and beach photography at every turn. Their sunscreen has been dubbed the best-smelling sunscreen in the world, as a result of their collaboration with master parfumeurs, and they take pride in turning every part of their Shopify site into a trip down memory lane.

11. Represent


A graphic design college project turned luxury fashion label, brothers George and Mike Heaton have spent the last 13 years growing their streetwear brand Represent into a movement. On their Shopify site, you’ll find aesthetic photography, simple flat lay products, and sticky product variants on product pages. Effortlessly cool - just like the brand.

12. Starface


Pimples, but make them cool. Grab a pair of sunnies before you hit Starface’s website, as their site is filled to bursting with neon banners, fun graphics and user-generated content to promote their award-winning pimple patches. Our favourite part? Their About Us page. Definitely one to make you smile.

13. Rebecca Minkoff


Rebecca Minkoff’s handbag site means business. With photography-driven product pages, online exclusive drops and seamless collection pages, this is another one that often hits the Shopify headlines, and for good reason.

14. Allbirds


Allbirds’ journey started in New Zealand when founder Tim asked why merino wool was virtually absent in the footwear industry. And now? Their website is packed with sheep videography (naturally), showcasing exactly where their materials come from and how they turn it into ‘The Most Comfortable Shoes in the World’. They say Mother Nature is their muse, and you can see this throughout their beautiful headless Shopify store:  

15. Feel


Wellness, Reimagined is vitamin brand Feel’s slogan. We think their site should be Website, Reimagined too. With thousands of reviews, an entire section of the site dedicated to the science and studies behind their vitamins, and an intuitive bundle builder, Feel’s attention to detail and understanding their customers’ pain points is unparalleled. Their branding is lovely too.

16. Cowboy


Oh boy. If any brand is capable of wanting you to take up cycling, Cowboy can do it. With photography and videography worth of Cannes Film Festival, this electric bike brand prioritises the performance, technology and design details of their e-bikes to create a website that feels premium with every click. Hats off to these guys.

17. Bellroy


Bellroy’s ethos is that they want to move you seamlessly through all the moments of your day. They take the same approach with their website, as the entire experience is delightfully simple and effective. With light backgrounds, subtle drop shadows and photography that breaks down exactly what you could fit into a Bellroy bag or wallet, this site is an education in chic. 

18. Hiut Denim Co.


Any Welsh business that can make 35,000 pairs of jeans a week for three solid decades gets a seal of approval in our books. Hiut Denim’s site is minimalist, unpretentious and to-the-point. Just like a good pair of jeans, really.

19. Grind


Compostable coffee pods that are good for the planet and make your kitchen counter look trendy? Grind ticks both boxes. This pink and proud coffee brand started in Shoreditch and now is pioneering an eco-friendly movement to clean plastic coffee pods from the oceans. With their very own app, letterbox friendly coffee deliveries and Grind rewards, the world’s most sustainable coffee pod is waking us up for all the right reasons.

20. Drakerelated


You’d be forgiven for thinking that this site wasn’t on Shopify. But it is - as Shopify themselves proudly announced on their social media feeds. Drake’s site is more than just a shop - the game style website allows you to navigate through a recreation of Drake’s house and shop clothing and accessories in collaboration with artists and family businesses. Perhaps not winning any UX awards, but it sure is cool.

21. Gymshark


We couldn’t have a list of incredible Shopify stores without mentioning one of the most popular of all time. Gymshark has pioneered the way for many a gymwear brand since 2012 with their mission to unite gym goers and dominate the fitness industry. Now with online customers in over 230 countries and supported by their Shopify Plus plan through record-breaking Black Friday sales and beyond, Gymshark has built one of the most loyal digital followings today. 

22. Huel


Tried Huel yet? Based just around the corner from our Kubix offices here in Birmingham, we feel very attached to this nutritional food brand. Huel didn’t have it easy when they launched - they had to educate an entire generation about the benefits of complete meal systems and their unique healthy instant meals and shakes. But educate they did, and now Huel runs one of the most successful Shopify sites of all time. 

23. Bruvi


Floating coffee pods, more USPs than you can shake a latte at, and GIFs of decomposing packaging - Bruvi truly has it all. Their site guides you through their coffee machine which actually scans coffee pods and auto adjusts “up to seven brew parameters”. We still don’t know what a brew parameter is, but they sure make it sound impressive. Their Shopify site is packed full of guides, awards and even tells you the elevation your coffee bean was harvested at!

24. Bloobloom


Trying to pick the perfect pair of glasses to suit your face is every spectacle-wearing person’s struggle. Bloobloom, however, make it easy. They take the stress out of frame picking with their try-on service, where you can order 5 frames to your home, for free. Combined with a website that offers beautiful photography, full transparency about pricing against their competitors, AND charitable donations through their #PairForPair scheme, this is a site we’ve been eyeing up for a while now.

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