At Kubix it's our promise to provide you with honest advice, tailored solutions, and a comprehensive understanding of your e-commerce and digital marketing needs. Consider us your walking Shopify encyclopaedia, only better looking. We put ourselves in your shoes, guiding you on the best path for your unique business goals.

The Kubix Journey: A Partnership for Success

The most successful businesses keep things streamlined. If you have a firm e-commerce foundation but you're in need of an expert eye to support you as you grow, our Shopify Consultants are here to help.

Whether it’s an efficient inventory management system, an integrated point-of-sale system or just having one channel for all of your customer communications, our Operations team believe that with our tailored business solution, your team will be able to achieve more with fewer programmes than ever before. We have years of experience creating, launching and managing Shopify stores to take your business to the next level. From shipping products more easily, to navigating the thousands of apps available on the Shopify App Store, we can help you choose the right apps and integrations for you, and calculate how much they'll cost you.

We'll work closely with you to design a technical architecture that aligns with your specific requirements. 

Our Consultative Approach.

1. Understanding Your Goals.

Our first question is always, "why do you want to do this?" We dive deep into your reasons for change, ensuring that our recommendations align with your objectives.

2. Accessing Your Current System.

We analyse your existing processes and systems, identifying how data is pushed and pulled throughout your operation, before understanding how effectively that data is currently utilised. 

3. Determining Non-Negotiables.

We'll work with you to pinpoint aspects of your business that cannot be changed, ensuring our solutions respect these constraints.

4. Crafting A Tailored Solution.

Based on our assessment, we'll propose an ideal setup that meets your needs, whether it's a B2B solution integrated with systems like Linnworks for inventory and order management or a B2C storefront tied in with ShipStation for your packing and dispatch requirements.

5. Flexible Consultancy Options.

We understand that not all clients have the budget for an overhaul of their e-commerce setup. But if you have the skillset and manpower, we’ll be here to provide the expertise and guidance you need.

Your Tech Stack: The Unseen Powerhouse

Our team at Kubix goes beyond just building websites. We focus on understanding the role that Shopify plays in your wider business ecosystem and how it ties into other systems. Our years of experience in providing sound technical advice ensures that you receive a comprehensive solution that covers all aspects of your e-commerce operation. Learn all about our capabilities on our Operations & Integrations page.

Shopify Is Only The Beginning

Shopify is at the core of what we do, but our services extend far beyond that. We build layers around Shopify to create a complete, robust solution tailored to your business. Unlike other agencies that only focus on building websites, we take a more holistic approach, considering your B2B or B2C needs, and infusing the full potential of the Shopify app eco-system within your retail operations.

Are you ready to embark on your Kubix journey? Contact our team of e-commerce and digital marketing consultants today and discover how we can help you achieve success in the ever-evolving world of online business.

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