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Tell Your Brand Story with Kubix

Not every brand story starts with Once Upon a Time. But every story starts somewhere - and it’s our job to tell yours.

Building a brand online is a lot more than a logo and a few products on a website.

Long gone are the days of 2020 where setting up an online store and some quick Meta ads was enough to drive sales from a community in lockdown who were willing to take a chance on new brands.

Now to truly make your mark online, you need to invest not just in short-term performance marketing, but long-term brand building.

Shopify is aware of this too. With consumers 4x more likely to purchase from a company with strong brand values, digital audiences are increasingly looking for differentiated experiences and brands they can connect to.

So how do you build those connections? And - more importantly - how do you ensure your brand stands out from the crowd? Here at Kubix, we craft brand stories that result in loyal customers - and long-term sales. Our content and branding team will work closely with you to hone your tone of voice and ensure you’re making an emotional, material and societal impact on your target audience.

Here are just some of the ways in which we can help you stand out:

Brand Auditing

It all starts with analysing what your brand is currently doing to make its mark. Our brand team will conduct an audit to see exactly what you’re doing well, and identify areas for improvement.

Visuals, tone of voice, site pages, mission, and email marketing are just some of the things we’ll review in your brand audit. But our discovery goes way beyond your website. We’ll consider your customer service model, your social community, and even place an order on your site where we can to get the most authentic customer experience possible. Wondering why we bother? Here’s just a few things we can learn: Why You Should Always Order From Your Own Brand.

We’ll be able to make quick, actionable recommendations to ensure that you’re as consistent as possible with your brand. We want your brand to be recognisable - anytime, anywhere.

Review Your Competitor Analysis

Who are you up against in your industry? And who else is appearing on the horizon? Our team will conduct in-depth competitor analysis to identify untapped opportunities and see who’s the best in class in your industry.

Understanding your point of difference ensures all future content is in-line with your wider brand mission. We’ll ascertain exactly how you’re different from your competitors, and how they’re different from you. We’ll carefully analyse their websites, products, pricing and marketing strategies to ensure you’re keeping up with them, before presenting what we learned and how you can use this new-found market intelligence to stay ahead of the pack. 

Unlock Your SEO Potential With Content Marketing

Of course, it’s one thing to audit and review a brand. It’s another to put pen to paper and start rolling out original, well-crafted content.

Our content team can produce a content strategy that targets your keywords, keeps you current, and drives sales. Whether this be creating TikTok videos with waterproof socks, crafting newsletters about interior design, running customer surveys about beads or writing ad copy for metal detectors, we’ve seen and done it all.

Need email marketing too? We’ve got you.

Join Kubix for Content That Sets You Apart.

Time for your brand to scale? Our content team is ready to help.

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