It all starts with your Discovery Audit.

We always say you don’t know what you don’t know. For our Kubix team, we believe that understanding every corner of your business is the best way for us to make the right recommendations to propel your brand forward into the future.

From customer journeys to UX audits, buyer personas, tech stacks and more - we’ll use this time to learn, strategise and implement what we see as best for your business.

Here’s how we do it.

The Kubix Way
Kubix media directors having a discovery audit meeting in the Kubix coffee shop

The Kubix Way.


Shovels at the ready. This is where we dig deep into your brand and audit areas of your business: from customer journey mapping, to market fit, customer feedback loop and more.


SMART objectives help us to list down the priorities for improving your business. We’ll work with you to determine where you’d like your brand to be and where you’ll sit in your industry.


How do you get where you need to be? This is where our detailed strategy comes into play. We’ll map out what your business needs to do in the short, medium and long term to achieve these goals.


Just like your Domino’s out for delivery, this is when our team rolls up its sleeves again and starts to bring your strategy to life. You’ll get regular updates throughout to ensure that we’re on the right path to success.


Like a mechanic getting under the bonnet of your car, we’ll start your discovery audit by researching every part of your business to understand how you currently operate. We don’t follow a textbook guide for this step - instead we research areas that will have the biggest impact on your business operations and ultimately, your long-term sales.

Some of these areas you may not have the time to audit yourself. This could be recording the customer journey by placing test orders, conducting customer research and surveys, understanding and mapping your market fit against competitors, auditing your tech stack and/or apps, and even creating best practice product templates for your Shopify store. We’ll even come and visit your headquarters (location permitting!) and find out how you like your tea.

The more we research, the more we understand. If we can say at the end of this phase that we have a deep understanding of your business, then we’ve done our research right.


Any effective marketing plan starts with SMART objectives: looking at where you want to be, and how you want to position yourselves in your industry. We’ll work with you to lay down objectives that can be delivered within a realistic timeframe.

Parts of our research won’t have clear-cut answers yet. Our objective may be to find out why a particular audience or country is responding better to your brand than others, or understanding if a new target market is worth exploring. Other objectives might be more measurable: cutting costs on apps or ad spend, for example, or reducing customer churn from email marketing. SMART goals must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound to be most effective, and we’ll work closely with your team to ensure these objectives are in-line with your business goals.


Strategy follows swiftly from objectives. Some of our findings will require a quick fix. A poorly timed email automation here, an underutilised app there. Others will require a more thorough plan that we can implement without heavily impacting your day-to-day business. Whether repositioning your brand with messaging for a newly identified target market, testing new emails and content marketing to communicate to customers or introducing new apps and fulfilment tools, your business will have plenty of opportunities to grow - it’s our job to strategise how to get you there.


Ready for the roll-out. Now that we know your business inside and out, our team will work with yours to fix areas as we go. We’ll keep you updated with regular reports to ensure that we’re keeping in line with our objectives. By this time, we like to feel like an extension of your team.

Time to get started?

Our team have built over 300 Shopify stores. When it’s time for your Discovery Audit, we’d love to hear from you.