Brand Values.

Any brand should have a clear definitive understand of its Why.

We started Kubix with our Why: We Never Stop Growing - Together. But this begged the question: exactly how do we ensure that our team keeps growing?

This is the How behind the Why.

Four words that define us. Clarity, creativity, integrity and tenacity.

Each of these words surmise our 15 brand values below, introduced in 2022. They're what we stand for, and define how we operate.

These words guide what we do, and how we do it. In every situation we apply these words to ensure our decision making, our actions and our outcomes are fundamentally 'Kubix'. Hover over each tile to reveal how we interpret each of these attributes.

These 15 brand values affect every decision that goes on at our agency. When things go well, it’s because we're aligned in these areas. And when things don’t, it naturally always comes back us veering from our values.

Whilst we have the Kubix Way in terms of our working process, this is our personal moral code of ethics. Our guiding principles for now and the future of our team.

We hope you enjoy.


We're clear in our objectives, motives and aims. We make things easy to understand, whether with each other, with clients or anyone who interacts with Kubix. We don't obfuscate or complicate, we're forthright and clear about our actions.


We think differently, push boundaries, and never fear different perspectives. We embrace unique ideas and lateral thinking, and take the unbeaten path. We're resourceful and unafraid to break with convention; to do things our own way.


We're honest, act with good intentions, and give everyone respect. We value the contributions of all and listen to different perspectives. We support each other, our clients, and everyone we engage with.


We're determined, resilient and uncompromising. We strive to be the best in everything we do, and we never settle. We're hungry for growth, for knowledge, and for success. We're resilient in the face of new challenges.


We think and operate as a team, with a shared mindset and goals.


We understand that different personalities require different approaches, and we’re respectful of our differences. We use our strengths to help improve others’ weaknesses and never drown out another team member’s voice.


We see the growth of others as part of our own growth.


We have respect for every client, and don’t judge anyone.


We understand that every relationship is vital to our business. We are relatable and personable with the services we offer, and never undervalue our services.


We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and act as true advisors to every business, charity or student that approaches us for help.


We believe in the strengths of our service and take pride in the areas where we shine.


We wait for the right opportunity, and are patient whilst seeking the right connection. When this opportunity comes, we are tenacious, resilient, and we let them know that we want it to happen.


We’re transparent in how we operate and work.


We believe that learning and innovation encourages growth, and no one can ever say they know enough.


We share our knowledge in a way people understand.


We are honest and open about our failures, and we’re not scared to say we could be better.


We don’t ever settle for ‘comfortable’, and always strive to push ourselves in new areas.


We’re entrepreneurial, not just within Kubix but also for the businesses we work with.


We aren’t afraid to pivot and adapt to new areas of the business where we can add value.

Time to join us?

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