Creating The Dream Team: Why People Make A Business.

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Every time we take on a new employee here at Kubix, our entire office fills with a sense of giddy excitement and a slight wariness. Rogue plates are washed up, the stereo playlist is briefly set to something inoffensive like ‘Mellow Pop’, and we all smile and wave from our desks as though posing for an awkward family photo. Will they like us? Will we like them? Will they fit the vibe we’ve got going here?

Because hiring a new person for a company is like introducing a new girlfriend or boyfriend to the masses. Both parties are trying to make a good first impression, nobody wants to say anything too brash, and any initial awkwardness is instantly calmed with the immortal words: “Tea or coffee?”

A business is like a slightly dysfunctional, overachieving yet supportive family. You’ve got the chirpy ones, the kind ones, the ones who you really shouldn’t talk to in the morning before they’ve got a coffee in their hand. You spend each and every day together, chatting about everything from weekend gossip to life-and-death situations and whether or not that guy from the cafe down the road is really as hipster as he looks. These are the people who you probably spend more time with than your actual family – the ones who know exactly what you look like when you’ve received one too many stressful emails or which liquor you like to celebrate with when you’ve absolutely smashed a project. For the most part, you love them – or like them, at least. Even if they sometimes drive you nuts.

People make a business. Each and every employee has the potential to bring something new to a company – whether it’s a killer sense of humour or a new talent like baking. And when the relationship between business and worker feels right, everybody benefits. You might even get an office full of cake if you’re lucky.

I am however of the opinion that if a business doesn’t hire the right people, then they might as well have failed. Is this overdramatic? Not really. A business’s annual revenue might be that of a small country’s, but if their employees come and go with the seasons then it just says that they’re more concerned with their profit margins than their people. Which is hardly a step on the road to long-term success.

Because work will always get done. No matter if you’ve got a team who hate coming into your office every morning, chances are at some point they’ll knuckle down and be productive – begrudgingly or not. But to get work done whilst still having a laugh with your colleagues can truly transform a company. Whilst no job is perfect, Mondays can become – dare I say it – enjoyable if you actually like the people you work with and the tasks you’re doing.

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No business is going to get the perfect employee every time. A person who you think might be a match made in employment heaven during the interview process might found themselves lost a few weeks down the line when they realise that they’ve bitten off a little more than they can chew. And rather like a pride of over-caffeinated lions, a team of modern-day office workers can get a little territorial if the wrong person comes along. It starts with the silent looks, the raised eyebrows, the little comments here and there – all of which threaten to bring down the overall mood of the team. Others hop onto their little branch on the family tree as though they’ve been there all along. These people come to represent you as a business, as a brand. They go out into the world after business hours and talk about their days and experiences, so it makes sense to bring on board those who will believe in what you do and why you do it. Hiring the right people can save you a bucketload of time, money and a lot of hassle down the line. And hopefully you’ll end working with a bunch of people who you can easily spend years with as you grow.

For those stuck in a job, it’s easier said than done to take the plunge and quit. But it might be worth occasionally taking a step back for a little self-evaluation. If you don’t like the people, the place and the mood of your workplace, then perhaps you’ve got enough alarm bells ringing by now that are saying it’s time to move on. Your workforce might be a slightly dysfunctional family, but they’re a family that you can leave behind if you start to realise that you don’t enjoy it anymore. And who knows? There might be another perfect team waiting for you just around the corner.

We’ve got a few vacancies opening up here at the Kubix office for both digital marketing and development/design roles over the coming months as we continue to grow. If you like the sound of what we do, then drop us an email and we’ll see what you’re about!