I’ll Have Fries With That Website.

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When it comes to succeeding in business, nothing is more inspiring than seeing how others have done it before you. A friend directed me recently to a film called The Founder, and two hours after I’d popped it onto my screen I had a million new thoughts running through my head. For those who haven’t watched it I’d definitely recommend you make time to do so; the film takes you through the journey of how fast food outlet McDonald’s came into existence. It winds through the ups and downs of the chain’s growth – from its initial inception, to the early competitive business deals. Having actually worked at McDonald’s in my teenage years, watching The Founder triggered quite a few memories and made me consider what it is that has made the restaurant chain so successful all this time. So many of us business owners have tried to replicate this success, and the film also confirmed to me the importance of systems and processes when growing any business – big or small.

Because McDonald’s aren’t the best. Their burgers certainly aren’t the finest quality; nor do they win any points for being the healthiest or even the cheapest nowadays. And yet we all still head to their drive-throughs to place our orders like we’ve been programmed from birth to do so. And why? Because whilst McDonald’s might not make premium burgers, their systems and processes are some of the most advanced and reliable in the world. No matter whether you’re ordering a cheeseburger in the heart of London or the suburbs of Tokyo, you can be sure that you’ll get the same product and served with the same efficiency that McDonald’s are now known for across the entire planet. McDonald’s employs over 1.9 million people worldwide, which stands as a testament to how transferable the structure of their business empire really is.

Whilst working at McDonald’s, I got to see firsthand how the company do things. We were trained regularly on how to read our customers – to predict the questions that a businessman requiring a plug socket for his laptop might ask compared to a young mum who might need baby-changing facilities. Regular salary reviews and a military-style approach to cleanliness and training meant that we knew exactly what was expected of us. We took the time and effort to know exactly what it was that our customers wanted, and this was what made the place thrive. Admittedly, a trip to our restaurant was not fancy. We weren’t going to win any awards for our food. But for customer service and reliability, our good old Maccy D’s trumped the competition every time.

It’s been quite a journey since I started as a fresh-faced kid at McDonald’s. Working for the Daily Mail group and later for top digital marketing agencies allowed me to observe and learn from both the positives and negatives of businesses and how they’re run. I’ve seen it all. It’s companies like these that made me want to go and do it for myself. And now, years later, a new chapter has begun.

Here at Kubix Media, we’ve taken a lot of inspiration from businesses like McDonald’s in the way that their systems and processes are run. People go to them for quick, tasty burgers. They come to us at Kubix Media for our beautiful websites and cutting-edge marketing techniques. Good experiences are at the heart of both, and whilst the fast food giant remains a very different company to ours, we can take a lot of stock from how they do things. One of my favourite phrases when it comes to efficiency is: “Systems work so you don’t have to.” Not that I tell all my employees to put their feet up whenever we put a new system in place, but I do think that having a solid foundation for the programmes you use and the service you provide for your customers is exactly what any growing business needs to optimise their workload and allow for further growth. Get that right, and you’ll have the structure in place to go as far as you possibly can.

Kubix Media was founded on transparency, integrity and honesty – three big keywords which are rarely truly found in our industry. We still stand by those words today, and if you’ve got a business that you think would benefit from our systems and services, we’d love to hear how we could help.

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