5 Proven SEO Strategies For Online Retailers.

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Are you an online retailer without a definitive SEO strategy? If your products aren’t selling as you’d hoped, or your Google rankings are getting you down, check out Kubix’s biggest and best SEO strategies and hacks. Our list of handy hints is designed to help more people find you and stay on your site – all of which is much more likely to lead to an increase in sales. If there is one thing you do this year as an retailer with your online store it’s this: read this article. Stay tuned, and enjoy!

1. Don’t Let Technical Issues Kill Your Website

Most websites will inevitably have a few broken links, but it’s important not to let this get out of hand. Whether you’re faced with 404 redirect pages after a site migration or you’ve ended up with defaulted duplicate meta titles and descriptions or even missing ALT tags for new images, keeping on top of this will save you a lot of hassle in the long run. The more technical aspects like CSS & HTML minification often get missed as well, which means the page loading speed is longer than necessary. Optimising on-site images like banners, headers, or backgrounds, as well as fixing all the broken links you can will all go to help your site speed and ranking.

2. Bing API For Google Adwords

Microsoft and Google finally resolved their ongoing battle of wits around paid advertising and agreed to sync both Adwords with Bing Ads. This means that with a really great API, you can literally clone your existing Adwords campaigns, ad-groups and even ads directly into Bing without having to do it all again. Time-saving? Just a bit! Say hello to a better SEO strategies which cover all the bases.

3. Chrome Favours HTTPS

Right now, your site will need an SSL certificate to mark it as secure. The process started in January 2017, which means it’s definitely time to move to a secure socket layer for 2017 – whether you particularly want to or not! It’s worth remembering that Chrome is now the most popular web browser, with over 45% of the user base online having it as their default browser. As Google themselves will shame websites who fail to adhere to the HTTPS site structure, this could spell the beginning of the end for less secure HTTP sites that may transmit sensitive user data.

4. Longer Form Content

It’s long been the case that content is king, but when it comes to standing out from the crowd as an online retailer, then original content is definitely the key to success. When you write your product descriptions, try to be as absolute as possible. Make the content descriptive and vivid in nature, and not too sparse, as all of this earns you brownie points with Google. By taking the time to provide quality content for your pages, this offers your users a much more rewarding experience of your site – which Google is sure to love you for!

5. Latent Semantic Key Phrases

Determine what your target key phrase is for your pages and define a set of relevant and similar versions. If “Men’s Clothing” is your main search term, for example, then you’ll also need to set out some longer-tailed and descriptive secondary phrases which supplement your main phrase, such as “Socks for men” or “Men’s Shirts”. This defines the page better to both Google and the user, allowing for greater relevancy. But don’t get too carried away! You don’t just want to stuff key phrases into the page just for the sake of it. A clear definition which tells the story of what your page is all about ensures that the content flows well and is easy to read. Relevancy can never be understated. Many of the best performing sites online have definitive SEO strategies, so it’s important that you do too!

PRO TIP: If a picture speaks a thousand words, then what does a video speak?

Video content is the dominating digital trend in 2017, which is why it’s a great thing to try on your website. Add video to pages where relevant, especially if you have specific videos for your products or a particular range, as visual content will help maximise the time on page of your users. We’ve all got caught up watching a video before, and this is a great tactic as it reduces the bounce rate on your site, as well as increasing your overall site popularity with content that is much more likely to be shared.

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