Heir & Co

Business owner Clare took a giant leap of faith when she left her 20-year career as an Operations Manager in the recruitment sector to set up Heir & Co, an online fashion boutique with an eye for all things on-trend and affordable in the women’s clothing market. But with the support of Kubix behind her, her dreams of starting her own business were quickly brought to life.

How we met

Based in Grimsby and aware of Kubix’s presence in the North Lincolnshire area, Clare came to Kubix with her initial ideas for her business. After meeting her and understanding her vision, we knew that we had the skills and expertise to help her launch into the UK market.

What we did

The first step on the road to Heir & Co’s success started with a website worthy of the fashion world. The Kubix design and development teams took inspiration from other online fashion retailers and built a website that could be easily customisable for Clare’s special offers and regular new stock. When everything was ready to go, we then turned to her marketing campaign. From social media retargeting, to specially designed social posts, content creation and influencer marketing, Heir & Co had all the groundwork put in place to ensure that the business was ready for future growth.

How we succeeded

Now that the campaign is well under way, Heir & Co are seeing a huge increase in sales and traffic to the website. A well-prepared strategy and careful monitoring has ensured that Clare now has a loyal customer base that already love her brand. Starting a new business venture requires time and dedication, but with Clare’s vision and the support of the entire Kubix team, Heir & Co are already making waves in the online fashion industry and gaining a lot of recognition from fashion followers in the UK and beyond. Clare might have taken a gamble in chasing her dream, but it was clearly a gamble that has paid off.

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