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Videos tell stories. They bring stories to life. They get to the heart of a brand. Our Kapture team have years of experience in telling stories that pack a punch.

Why Kapture?

No brand is complete without a story. People connect with stories. People listen to stories. And a strong brand story has the power to transform a business and create brand loyalty for life.


Here at Kubix, we’ve been crafting and harnessing brand stories for the past two years now. We tell stories through our websites. We tell stories through our marketing campaigns. And now? We’re telling stories through video.


Kubix’s new video production venture is called Kapture, offering full video solutions to businesses across the UK.

Why do you need video?

A good video isn’t just about turning on a camera and seeing what you can shoot. Videos tell stories. They bring stories to life. They get to the heart of a brand. And, just like Kubix, that’s exactly what Kapture is here to do. Kapture uses the latest 4K technology to tell brand stories through videos that are sharp, dynamic, and relevant – each one carefully shot and planned out in order to tell a story that has the potential to transform a business.


Most small to medium sized businesses in the UK don’t have the means or the budget for good quality videos, but our video production services are here to change this. Whether you’re looking for a promotional shoot, a testimonial video, an advert or even an animation, we can take your idea and turn it into a reality.

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