No matter what stage you’re at on your journey to digital success, Kubix are sure to have a service and solution for you. Whether it’s a killer SEO campaign, a beautiful new website or an exciting new social media campaign, our wide range of services is truly unrivalled here in Birmingham.
  • We're Shopify Experts

    We're Shopify Experts

    When it comes to building a Shopify store, our creative in-house team of designers and developers understand that form is as important as function. With our official Shopify Expert status, we help to sell your brand to visitors and offer a seamless user experience.

  • PPC


    A strong PPC campaign has the potential to transform the ROI of a business. Our PPC specialists carefully monitor and track each campaign to ensure that every penny is spent wisely.

  • SEO


    A beautiful website is rendered useless if nobody sees it. Our team of SEO experts have decades of experience in driving traffic to websites and improving search engine rankings.

  • Web Design

    Web Design

    They say design is the space where science and art break even. Our award-winning designers are scientists, artists, and everything in between.

  • Web Development

    Web Development

    Here at Kubix, we believe in having both style AND substance. Our development team deliver high quality, robust websites that stand the test of time.

  • Social Media

    Social Media

    Social media allows for brand promotion and engagement like no other marketing tool. We oversee and carefully tailor the content that goes on the clients’ chosen platforms to ensure that those all-important messages are seen and shared.

  • Video


    Nothing sells a brand like telling a good story, and nothing tells a good story like a beautiful video. Whether for websites, social media or as standalone footage, our video production team have world-class equipment for world-class videos.

  • Retail Solutions

    Retail Solutions

    If your in-store business doesn't marry well with your online store, then you need a Kubix retail solution. Our POS systems are highly advanced yet easy to use - the perfect way to keep track of all your sales.

  • Content


    When it comes to marketing, content truly is king. Our writers are wordsmiths who can spot a typo from miles off, and enjoy nothing better than creating web-friendly copy for websites, social media campaigns and more.