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Once Upon a Time: How Telling a Story Can Help Your Brand

“The best brands are built on great stories.” —Ian Rowden Chief Marketing Officer, Virgin Group Everyone loves a good story. It’s an age-old concept that storytelling is a way of bringing people together; of harnessing and enriching human connection. From a young age, we all come to associate...

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POS Box Set

What Is Cloud POS (Point Of Sale)?

You don’t have to browse in many shops to realise that the days of space hogging traditional cash registers are long gone. Cloud POS is here, gone are the days of spending thousands of pounds on expensive, complicated bespoke POS systems. Retailers are switching to new, innovative solutions that offer a whole host of benefits to both the store owner, and the customer. You may notice that you’re being asked for your email address in more stores now. Collecting this customer data is invaluable for marketing purposes.

Can your POS system do that?

How Cloud POS Works

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What is the disavow tool and how does it work?

Google’s disavow tool is one of the most powerful - and potentially dangerous - SEO tools made available to webmasters by the search company. As the name suggests, it allows website owners to distant themselves from certain links by asking Google to take them out...

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Man using phone tablet and laptop

What is search volume?

Search volume is, simply put, the number of times an exact search string is entered into a search engine. It’s therefore one of the most important metrics available to you when you’re designing a keyword strategy. Typically, it’s calculated on a monthly basis, and will generally...

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What are white hat, grey hat and black hat SEO?

One of the most common concepts in digital marketing is the idea of “white hat”, “grey hat” and “black hat” SEO. Despite being so prevalent, it is often very difficult to find a definitive answer as to the differences between the three definitions. The idea of...

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Is link building against Google’s search guidelines?

While SEO is a hotbed of debate, few topics and questions are as frequently discussed as whether or not link building as an activity effectively violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Google’s official stance is that “Any links intended to manipulate PageRank or a site's ranking in Google...

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How to check for SEO friendly anchor text

Much like analysing how natural your link profile appears or judging the competitiveness of a keyword, there is no steadfast calculation for assessing how natural the spread of anchor text (the text that contains the link through to your website) your website has is. Anchor text...

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