Is SEO Still Relevant?

Well, 2017 has well and truly kicked off and we’re already three months in. Business owners and digital marketers might be wondering if search engine optimisation, or SEO, is officially a thing of the past.

The short answer:


And the slightly longer answer: “Erm… Heck no!”

The real truth? SEO is not dying. Rather it’s becoming more of a tactical game, and a strong SEO skillset can make a tangible difference to a business’s digital platform. The key thing to remember is that the technology used by search engines is constantly being updated in order to provide more relevant results. In the not too distant past, SEO bods used to simply ‘stuff’ websites full of keywords, links and random content. Although this helped achieve higher search engine rankings at the time, the way search engines rank content has drastically changed. Nowadays search engines are trying to identify individual pieces of content that are relevant – not just a website that happens to have keywords that match. In the present day and moreso tomorrow, search engines are focused on making sure that search results and websites are more relevant to what people are actually searching for. This essentially means this is a ‘win’ for everyone!

In order to get the true benefit of SEO shutterstock_101145352in the modern climate, a strong strategy for generating new and relevant content is required. The great thing is that this content can then be used to pull visitors to a website from social media channels and email. Once a visitor is on a website, there are numerous ways to help them engage and convert.

SEO Tactics and Social Media

As social media establishes itself more and more as a powerful channel for driving engagement with audiences, search engine technology is taking more of an influence from social media signals. What does that mean for your business? Well, everything you publish on social media and email needs to try and link
with something relevant on your website. It’s important to take a ‘joined up’ approach to content and promotion with both technical SEO and social media in order to get the maximum traction out of both strategies. This also means that you need to stay on top of your SEO strategy; it needs to be constantly evolving – not something you can afford to take a ‘set and forget’ approach with.

This approach will help to amplify the reach of website content and ensures that as search engines start to rely more on signals from social media, they’ll be able to find a correlation between your website and social media content. As a result, this will aid ranking your website and its key content within search engine results.


SEO certainly isn’t dead! But if you want to succeed with using SEO, you need to employ the right tactics and make sure your SEO resource knows how to align your business’s digital footprint with trends on the web. Finding SEO success in 2017 and beyond will require a different approach compared to the blunt-force tactics of yesteryear.

The bottom line in order to win with SEO in 2017 is to ensure your approach to SEO is as ‘human’ as possible. If you make sure you’ve made an effort to achieve that, good things are sure to happen for your search engine ranking.


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