Are You Being Served? Why Customer Service is the Cornerstone of Marketing

When it comes to marketing, any agency can promise you the world.

“We’ll get you to the top of Google in one week!”

“1,000,000 social followers in 24 hours or your money back!”

“10,000 hits on your new website – guaranteed!”

As a business owner looking for help with marketing, it’s very easy to find yourself swamped by outlandish statements, bowled over by the glittering haze of what a marketing campaign is capable of doing for your business. But is this right?

Sooner or later, as the marketing smoke begins to clear, you realise that many of these agencies aren’t quite as bothered about your business as they first claimed. How many of those will call you to ask how your newborn grandson is doing? How many would think to WhatsApp you at the weekend when they think of a great new idea for a campaign? How many like to FaceTime you to have a look round your shop or office when they can’t be there in person?

Because whilst a marketing agency undoubtedly has to be good at what they do, the true game each and every agency is playing is the game of customer service.

Without strong customer service, what has the potential to become a long-term relationship between agency and business can quickly dissolve along with the long list of sweeping statements listed on the agency website. One of the biggest skills an agency can possess is understanding people. This skill alone determines the difference between a company that is never short of new business, and those who have to fire an employee every time a campaign goes under.


When it comes to customer service within marketing, writer and marketer Blair Warren published an excellent piece called the One Sentence Persuasion Course with one golden nugget of wisdom. The sentence went as follows:

“People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions and help them throw rocks at their enemies.”

Is this obvious? Perhaps. But these strategies have worked time and time again throughout history for leaders, dictators, and celebrities alike. If, as a marketing agency, you find a way of encouraging your clients’ dreams, and allaying their fears by providing constant support, you will do no wrong. Help them throw rocks at their enemies by making them stand out from their competition. Show them exactly why they should stay with you for the long-term. By recognising the importance of customer service when doing any sort of marketing – whether within an agency environment or in-house – you can take this advice and take on the world.

One of our favourite sources of inspiration here in the Kubix office is the author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek. Not afraid of telling it like it is, Simon’s golden phrase for business is: “People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.”

Think about it. People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.

And why would Simon say that, and even publish a book on the topic? Because “why” truly is everything. We grow up asking “Why?” after every explanation from our mothers –

“You need to go to bed.”


“Eat your dinner.”


– simply because we’re curious.

People are always going to look for reasons and explanations to life and its ups and downs. Business owners want a good explanation for why they should invest in you and your marketing wisdom. Because for all their boundless energy and unwavering determination, business owners are still people too – people who invest their hard-earned money in the services that you provide. Give them a decent “why”, and they’ll have far more reason to believe in you.


Every business should question why they do what they do. Yes, every business ultimately intends to make money, but if money is the sole reason you and your colleagues get up in the morning, then frankly you’ve got it all wrong.

Here at Kubix, our “why” is simple. We do what we do because we’ve got the tools and abilities to change brands and businesses for the better – through great customer service and a strong company ethos. We do this and more, whilst for the most part still retaining a great sense of humour. And a cracking office playlist to boot!

Marketing is important. Having the skills that you claim to have is even more so. But ultimately, if you’re in any form of customer-facing role, you’ve got to get your customer service right. Do this, and you’ll never be short of work ever again.

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