Welcome To The Future Of Paid Search.

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The digital industry moves fast. Perhaps faster than any other. One minute, you’re cutting-edge. You’re leading the way and producing results your clients’ only dreamed of. Then, all of a sudden, everything changes. Perhaps a new platform is introduced, or a new technology. Something that impacts the whole industry and causes it to pivot. If you want to be successful, you must pivot too.

It’s this dynamic nature of paid media that makes it so thrilling. But it can make it perplexing too. With so much changing so quickly and so much at stake, understanding where to focus can be a constant concern. With the expected shifts in 2018 to be greater than ever, I’ve highlighted 3 areas to help you focus:


Mobile devices now outnumber human beings on the planet – and at current rates they are multiplying 5x faster than we are. According to recent statistics the average consumer is now connected through five addressable devices. This breeds opportunities and headaches of equal proportion for marketers wanting to build coherent brand experiences. Today’s proactive marketer not only has to recognise the same consumer across all these devices but also track any actions the consumer takes on each.


It’s not just mobile, the number of online platforms continues to grow. The introduction of wearable tech and the increased popularity of social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram has created new opportunities and uncharted territory for marketers to target users in new and different ways. Only by taking a bespoke approach to these platforms and creating experiences tailored to make the most of the individual features of each, will we finally move away from the outdated marketing methodologies that are unsuitable for the seem erging spaces and put our feet firmly into the future.


The strategies of 2018 and beyond need to be all-inclusive and driven by learned data. Gone are the days of single channel communication, it is now about targeting prospective customers through multiple channels in ways that are appropriate and effective. But even that’s not enough. For maximum impact online and the most jaw-dropping results, brands need to ensure each channel is interacting with, and enhancing, the others, in a virtuous digital circle. In themselves, the channels are siloed, with limitations. Together, their potential is limitless.


But these are of course just words. Words we’ve heard many times before. How we put them into practice to drive meaningful performance for our clients is what’s important.