We dare to be different.

Being creative is about being in the right environment with like-minded people. People who want to push boundaries. People who like to think outside the box. At Kubix Media we do this whilst also being realistic and affordable for each and every client who steps into our office. We put our years of collective expertise in web design, web development, SEO, PPC and social media to great use so that each and every client can find their voice in the busy online world.

We believe in the power of great customer service.

Not all agencies have their clients’ best interests at heart. Why? Time constraints, lack of interest, poor communication – the list is endless. Here at Kubix, we dare to be different. Working with big and small brands alike, we seek out clients that align with ourselves, our ways of working and our vision. We want clients that like to be taken on a journey. Clients that enjoy our communication, want to work well with us, and even see the Kubix team as an extension of their own business.

We’re powered by our principles.

Our Kubix Media’s three principles are simple. Honesty. Integrity. Clarity. No more, no less. There are 25,000 marketing agencies in the UK today, but we believe that it is precisely these three words make us stand out from the rest. From our ‘no contracts’ packages to our tireless commitment for complete transparency and communication – everything we do is focused on giving the client an unrivalled experience. Digital trends are constantly evolving, which is why we believe we should be evolving too. By keeping at the cutting-edge of digital innovation, we don’t have to compromise on the underlying principles that got us to where we are today.

We get to the heart of your brand.

No matter the project, our approach to work is all about putting our clients first. Our clients are who we get out of bed for in the morning! For each campaign, we harness our busy team’s unique skill-sets to provide clients with eye-catching websites that enhance the user journey whilst not compromising on functionality. And if it’s not a website that is needed, then it’s marketing. Using our unique discovery sessions, we get to the heart of a brand and work out precisely how to get their name out there. What’s more, we do it well! Whether through social media, SEO, PPC, content or even influencer marketing, we tailor each and every campaign to the individual to ensure that we really are doing the best work that we can for them.

Our Team

We believe in passionate people, no matter what their background or years of experience

Looay Gharib

Managing Director & Founder

Joseph Brown

Operations Director

Matt Harrison Kubix Media
Matt Harrison

Head of Marketing

Mathew Teague

Senior Web Developer

Elodie Legendre

Senior UI/UX Designer

Monika Stepien

Digital Marketing Executive

Ali Gharib

Office Administrator

Sharon Gill

Digital Marketing Executive

Bethany Barley

Content & Social Media Manager

Laura Butler

Social Media Executive

Joshua Dean

Digital Marketing Executive

Jack Robinson

Graphic Designer

Liam Merlyn

Senior Shopify Developer

James Clarke
James Clark

Graphic Designer

Ben Kirman

Videographer & Editor

Ready, set, GO!

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